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IT Luggage Sorrento Hard Suitcase
£40.00 to £50.00
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IT Luggage Upbeat Hard Suitcase
£30.00 to £50.00
Was £60.00 to £100.00
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IT Luggage Divinity Suitcase
£35.00 to £45.00
Was £45.00 to £55.00
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Make a statement


Picture the scene: it’s day one of your holiday, you’ve just checked into an exotic hotel somewhere. You’ve had your hair and nails done especially for this very moment and you’re desperate to hit the beach but when you open your case, rather than your perfectly-selected polka dot bikini, your case is filled with an old man’s socks. Don’t risk suitcase mix-up at the luggage carousel by opting for one of the gorgeous pink cases from our fabulous range. And if there IS a luggage mix-up, at least you’ll know that the person whose case you have had fabulous taste.



Perfect for kiddies


Your little one lives for colour. Whether they’re demanding a completely purple outfit for their pal’s birthday party or insisting that their luggage has to match their going-on-a-plane outfit, we’ve got your back. Take a look at our line of kid’s suitcases in pretty pink and pastel shades. Your only problem will be persuading them to leave their case in the hotel room rather than taking it to the beach with them!


Pick a size, any size


From small-yet-perfectly-formed hand luggage to larger cases that will fit the whole family’s belongings (plus a beach towel or two), our range covers it all. Choose from two, four or eight-wheel cases for ease of transportation and enhanced stability and from styles with pockets and divider compartments for neat-as-a-pin luggage. Plus, the glorious shade of pink on offer means you can rest assured that you’re not going to misplace it in a hurry either.


Make a statement


Avoid mix ups with black suitcases and make a statement with pink. Fall head over heels with our line of pretty pink suitcases – and there’s no chance they’ll go unnoticed at baggage claim!

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