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If you’re going to be spending more time at home, it’s time to make sure it’s your own personal sanctuary. Reena Simon of @hygge_for_home is here to share her tips on creating a harmonious room with stylish storage and calming finishing touches.

This year, we want to make each space in our home functional, making sure each one serves a purpose and makes day-to-day life easier. The bedroom is now one of the calmest spaces in our house and I love retreating up here to read a magazine. We have open storage in this room because I like to display things that mean something to me, while still giving everything a practical home. And the beauty of open storage is that nothing is permanent. I can style it differently and move things like the wicker basket around.

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In this room, I’ve gone for a less is more approach, as I want to keep everything minimalist and calm. A Scandi inspired open shelf and an upscaled wicker basket serve as some brilliant quick but affordable storage solutions. And the pottery vase, cushions and statement planter come together to provide just the harmonious finish I was looking for.

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Style savvy storage I am always on the lookout for storage solutions that are functional but look great too, so this shelf is perfect. I am a magazine fiend and I have been keeping aside ones with my favourite covers for some time now and liked the idea of using them as artwork. I positioned the shelf at eye level in the same way as I would for a piece of art. It draws your eye in and the shelf can be styled in many different ways. This simple storage solution is a great way of reflecting your character and gives the space personality with items that inspire you.

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I love wicker baskets, they’re affordable and super versatile. We have over 45 baskets dotted around our house from the smallest one holding hair bobbles to the largest storing washing. The majority are the size of the one you see here which we use for everyday items such as toys, books, and toiletries in the bathroom. I particularly love this one because it has been adorned with pom poms in the same colour palette as my home. It’s great to see a Scandi inspired muted use of colour and natural materials in Matalan’s new range for 2021. It has plenty of storage solutions and accessories to complement each other and will help you pull together a cohesive scheme.

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