School Uniform Hacks

The back-to-school period can be a busy and stressful time, whether it’s shopping for new uniform or finding the kids that perfect pencil case set. The last thing you need is the last minute realisation that you’ve forgotten something and have to rush around getting prepared for the term ahead. We want to help you get on top of everything and let you in on our top uniform hacks to help going back to school a whole lot smoother.

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Whiter Than White

Get those stains out with no fuss by using our hack for whiter than white polos – add a dishwasher tablet to the washing machine along with your normal detergent. No need for endless scrubbing when you’ve got loads of other things on your plate and this will keep your whites crystal white all term round.

Outfit Organisation

If those shouts down the stairs of, ‘Mum where are my trousers?’ or ‘Dad where are my socks?’ are a regular part of your morning you need to know our insider tips – preparation is key! Organise clothes for the next day the night before and incorporate this into little ones’ bedtime routines. This way they’re involved in getting their own school uniform ready and will make your mornings easier, phew!

Easy Labelling

When the kids go back to school there’s always a worry that jumpers, cardigans, trousers, P.E shorts and just about everything else will get mixed up with their classmates’, or that they’ll leave things in the school playground and forget about them. Easy labelling can help you make sure your children’s uniforms don’t go amiss or get taken home by another child though. Speed up the process of labelling and sew two ends of the label together onto the clothing, so you only need to do it once!

Two's the Magic Number

Spares are also a great safety net to fall back on so follow our ‘wear one, wash one’ rule and you’ll never have to rush around looking for uniform again! This is made even easier with our special multipacks.

Scuff Marks Be Gone

Shoes are most prone to the scuffs and scratches of the school playground. Protect these all year round with a clear nail varnish which gives a protective barrier to your patent leather shoes, who knew?! This can easily be topped up as the year goes on, as and when you need to and can help delay the dreaded shopping for school shoes day!

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