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School Uniform Measuring & Buying Guide

Use our guide when measuring your child to make sure you get the perfect fitting school uniform and school shoes.

Uniform Measuring Tips


Measure from their heels right to the top of their head, making sure their shoes are off and their feet are flat on the ground and they’re standing tall.


Keeping the tape measure level and their arms by their side, measure at their widest part.


Making sure it’s not too tight, measure around their natural waist line – this is normally in line with their belly button.


Measure around the fullest part of their bottom, keeping the tape level.

Uniform Buying Tips

Making washing and ironing easier:

We all know how dirty our children’s school tops can get, stock up on stain remover or whitening powder for their white school shirts, blouses or polos. Ease the pressure on yourself by investing in easy iron school shirts.

When to buy:

It’s never too early to purchase their school uniform, if you leave it too late you’ll find the sizes are fragmented and you will spend time and money travelling to different stores to find your child’s size.

Choosing the right size:

If your child is in-between sizes then try to go for trousers and skirts with adjustable waistbands, this will allow your child to grow with their uniform and save you money.

Buy Online:

Shopping online is easy and hassle free. If you find yourself stuck for time, order their uniforms online and get it delivered in store – this saves you getting to the store to find they haven’t got the size you need. Or spend £50 or more to get free home delivery; the kids can try their uniforms on in the comfort of their own homes.

Top 5 Shoe Buying Tips

1. Make sure your child's shoes have flexible soles and a solid heel to withstand playground ordeals and the kicking of footballs.

2. Check your school's guidelines before buying; this will prevent any nasty shocks on their first day.

3. Measuring your child for footwear regularly is very important to ensure the long lasting health of their feet.

4. Allow room for movement and growth, at least half an inch worth of space at the top of the shoe making the shoe last longer and more comfortable to wear.

5. If possible alternate their shoes, this way it gives the shoes time to dry out.

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Size Guides

Use your child's measurements with our size guides to find the right sized uniform.

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Shoe Measuring Template

Measure your child’s feet from the comfort of your own home with our printable footwear measuring guide.

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