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Picnic Ideas for Couples

Picnic Blanket

A blanket on the ground is the traditional way to have a picnic and probably the easiest and cheapest way to create your setting, but it doesn’t have to be simple. You can dress it up to make it feel more special by investing in a nice picnic blanket and adding the perfect picnic accessories - outdoor cushions, picnic baskets and garden lighting.

Picnic Table

Surprise your significant other with a picnic in your own back garden. This is the perfect way to make the most of your garden furniture and you can utilise a lot of your own dinnerware and utensils. Having close access to your kitchen so you can go a bit more extravagant on the food - so if that is your love language this might be the option for you!

Camper Van or Boot

Maybe you want something a bit more scenic. Driving to a look out or to somewhere were you can enjoy an activity before or after your picnic is easy when you have a picnic in your boot! Don’t worry it can be more glamorous than it sounds - kit your space your with blankets, cushions and even fairy lights can make the space more intimate. You could even rent out a camper van if its a special occasion like an anniversary or birthday!

Picnic Food

Easy foods are the best option for a picnic - especially if you’re going to the beach, park or anywhere away from home. You can’t beat the classics like sandwiches, sausage rolls, cakes and sweet treats. If you want to take your picnic to the next level and make it feel more special for your partner you could pack more fancy picky bits like a cheese board, fruit bowl, dips and fresh bread and pasta salads. Don’t forget to pack refreshments. Whether it’s your home made infused water or some bubbles!

What to pack for a picnic?

Picnic food
Drinkware (cups or wine glasses)
Dinnerware (plates or bowls - depending on your food choice)
Picnic accessories
Picnic blanket
Picnic basket

Picnic Games & Entertainment

Entertainment is key as it gives you something to do during your picnic date. It can be a fun way to create a conversation, get to know more about your partner & make you feel at ease - particularly if you’re on a first date or in a new relationship.

Games you could take:
A pack of cards
Board games
Outdoor games

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