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A lover of all things style - Karina aka @StyleIdealist, is obsessed with midi dresses, colourful clothes and her Cockapoo Cooper. We asked the Bristol native to share the reality of a day in her lockdown life and how she’s navigating spending more time at home.

Is it Monday, Friday or Sunday? It can be hard to tell during lockdown. I definitely have up and down days. The pressure to be productive and achieving has been tough to manage but I'm trying to take things day by day.

Everyone is different and will find their own way to cope. Some days it’s tempting to scrap any kind routine, but after a few weeks at home, I’m realising that adding some sort of structure to my day is really helping with my mental health and wellbeing. Having that purpose and motivation gives me comfort, along with hope and that much-needed distraction.

As I'm self-employed, working from home can be lonely and isolating at the best of times. But having my husband now working from home has been absolutely amazing. Also, I’m finding so much joy in having our five-month-old cockapoo Cooper. He really helps us stick to a routine and always puts a smile on our faces no matter what.

The one tip I keep seeing is to set an alarm each day so you stick to a routine of waking up early and starting your day. Well, Cooper definitely happens to be our alarm clock. He wakes me and my husband up between 6.30am and 7am and we start the day off with puppy cuddles on the sofa. We have a coffee and plan what we’re going to do for the day. I try to plan my to-do list freely and don't set strict deadlines for any tasks, because that would be too much, but I tell myself each morning, “today, I will...”. Such a small sentence, but full of possibilities.

Dressing up has been the unsung hero of my time at home. There’s so much fun to be had in donning the clothes you usually save for best or have tucked away in your wardrobe then parading them from your bedroom to your living room. I might sound silly, but it’s the perfect opportunity to be as extravagant as you want. I’m really into ‘easy to wear, but still super stylish’ midi dresses right now, they feel and look like I've made an effort which totally lifts my mood.

My day to day work usually includes replying to emails, pitching ideas, shooting content for Instagram and campaigns that I am currently working on. I also write a gratitude list, it really helps to clear my mind and keeps things in perspective for me.

Cooper is like a shadow and loves to sit or lie down at my feet while I work. I try to have power hours to help keep my motivation and productivity up. This means Cooper and I get to have a lot of playful breaks in the garden with a football or a cuddle on the sofa while I have a late morning cup of tea. Cooper also loves to play hide and seek - although I’m not sure which one of us loves it more because I have lots of fun playing it too.

The best thing I’ve done for my mental health, is to start my day with a run or walk with Cooper before work, it really is the best way to clear my head and blow the (metaphorical) cobwebs away. It’s things like this I’m grateful for and it can certainly turn a bad day into a bad hour. It gives me that fresh start to go again.

For more style inspiration check out Karina’s blog thestyleidealist.com and her Instagram @StyleIdealist

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