The Most Searched for Celebrity Pets of 2020

Pets are an important part of family life, and during lockdown they’ve been getting more attention than ever, with us spending more time at home. And we’re not the only ones!

An increasing number of celebrities have been sharing snaps of their furry friends on social media, receiving a flurry of media attention and causing a spike in Google searches. But who has the most popular pet?

Using Google search data, we’ve looked at the four legged friends of some of the biggest stars around, to see which pets we’ve been searching for the most throughout lockdown.

Taylor Swift’s Cats - 979,200 Searches

Taking the number one spot was Taylor Swift, with over 979,200 people searching for her three cats, Dr. Meredith Grey, Olivia Benson and Benjamin Button, over the past 12 months. Taylor regularly shares photos of her feline friends on her Instagram, with them even accompanying her to work. She actually met Benjamin Button, her most recent cat, while filming the music video for her single “ME!”.

Kylie Jenner’s Dogs - 206,520 Searches

Kylie Jenner takes second place, with over 206,520 annual searches for her growing number of pets. Kylie currently has five Italian Greyhounds – Norman, Bambi, Ross, Harley and Sophia – as well as Bruce the bunny and Wesley, a Chihuahua-Dachshund mix. She’s even rumoured to own a flock of chickens!

Ariana Grande’s Dogs(and pig!) - 143,880 Searches

With an even more impressive brood of furry friends, Ariana Grande has nine dogs - Coco, Toulouse, Cinnamon, Strauss, Lafayette, Pignoli, Myron, Snape and Lily – as well as a micro pig called Piggy Smallz!

Paris Hilton’s Dogs - 79,680 Searches

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Paris Hilton’s dogs live a life of luxury, with their own two-story Spanish-style villa, spanning over 300 square feet. The rather upscale doghouse has its own staircase, chandelier and even a balcony, and reported cost a whopping $325,000!

Kendall Jenner’s Dogs - 72,000 Searches

Kendall Jenner is often pictured with her two Doberman Pinchers, Pyro and Six, and often talks about their model good looks! Fans seem to agree, with 72,000 of them searching for pictures of the photogenic pups in the past 12 months.

Katy Perry’s Dog - 53,640 Searches

Katy Perry’s Teacup Poodle, Nugget, is no stranger to the spotlight, having joined Katy on her worldwide tour and even making a cameo appearance on American Idol!

Henry Cavill’s Dog - 50,160 Searches

The first male celebrity to break the top 10, Henry Cavill loves sharing behind the scenes photos of him and Kal, his American Akita, on his Instagram. Named after his Superman character, Kal-El, Kal is another Hollywood pup who loves to keep his owner company at work, most recent joining Henry on the set of Netflix series, The Witcher.

Ricky Gervais’ Cat - 41,760 Searches

Fans were left heartbroken earlier this year, when Ricky Gervais’ beloved cat Ollie passed away. However, Ricky recently found a new furry friend, when he decided to keep his foster cat, Pickle, for good.

Billie Eilish’s Dog - 40,080 Searches

Billie Eilish is another celebrity who initially decided to foster a pet during lockdown, before falling in love and deciding to keep her Pitbull pup for good.

Tom Hardy’s Dog - 38,400 Searches

Despite playing a wide range of tough guys on the big screen, Tom Hardy is a bit of a softie in everyday life, especially when it comes to his love for dogs, even working as an Ambassador for Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. Blue, his French Bulldog, is often seen joining him on movie sets, even getting his own ID badge!

10 of the Most FollowedCelebrity Pets on Instagram

While celebrities love sharing photos of their pets on their own Instagram accounts, some have gone a step further, setting up entirely separate accounts for their furry little friends! So, if you’re looking for some new accounts to follow, we’ve searched through Instagram to find some of the most popular official celebrity pet accounts and fan pages.

Justin Bieber’s Dog - 945,000 Followers

Back in 2018, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin introduced fans to Oscar, their pet Yorkie. After initially flooding their own Instagrams with photos of the new addition to their family, they set Oskie up with his own account, with fans rushing to follow him.

Kylie Jenner’s Dogs - 384,000 Followers

Norman and Bambi, two of Kylie’s Italian Greyhounds, have their own Instagram account. Whilst it hasn’t been updated since December 2017, it still has one of the biggest followings in our list.

Nick Jonas’ Dog - 324,000 Followers

Priyanka Chopra surprised Nick Jonas with Gino, a German Shepherd puppy, for their anniversary, and it wasn’t long before Nick had set Gino up with his own Instagram account. Priyanka’s dog, Diana, is also on Instagram, but is lagging behind Gino when it comes to followers!

Ed Sheeran’s Cats - 319,000 Followers

Over 319,000 people follow the adorable escapades of Dorito and Calippo, Ed Sheeran’s pet cats on Instagram, after the star set them up with their own account back in 2018.