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Petite Clothing Guide

The Papaya Petite Collection

The Papaya Petite Collection

Designed with ladies 5’3 and under, our Papaya Petite collection is here to deliver fits that fit.

FAQ’s About Petite & Petite Styling

If you’re under 5’3 you’re considered petite.

Don’t be afraid to try things on to find the best fit for you.

Smaller in frame, not just in height and size.

Papaya and selected third-party brands only.

Our Petite collection has been specifically designed to fit the smaller framed woman, so it’s not just shorter sleeves and trousers. We’ve taken into account narrower shoulders, smaller wrists and ankles and shorter torsos.

Regular fit clothes offer the most flattering fit, rather than oversized.

Anything too short isn’t flattering; our range is designed with people 5’3 and under in mind.

The thing to remember is you never have to shy away from anything for fear of it not fitting right – our Petite collection has been designed to fit a smaller frame, so nothing is off limits. An especially great style for smaller ladies is high waisted trousers with a little flare paired with heels – you’ll look like a boss.

If you have a shorter upper body then it’s always a good idea to wear a v-neck top, as it will elongate your torso.

You can pull off a mini skirt without worrying it’s too short!