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The mood enhancing feeling of a good outfit should never be underestimated. We asked the very fabulous @CurvyCampbell to give us her ultimate guide to dressing yourself happy.

A fantastic way to dress yourself happy, adding an injection of colour into your outfit can instantly transform your mood and is a great way to change things up. Yellow is said to be the happiest colour in the spectrum and can immediately stimulate feelings of joy and as someone who is the proud owner of an extremely bright banana yellow power suit, I can personally attest to this! It always makes me smile. Red is the colour of passion and is a confident option for a first date so make sure to dig out your favourite scarlet outfit for your next facetime date! Orange is another great contender not quite as aggressive as red but still definitely eye catching and always cheerful and vibrant. Greens and blues are perfect if calmness and tranquility is your happy place. Forget worrying about what colours ‘suit’ you - wear what you are drawn to.

As a person who has always been plus sized, shopping hasn’t always been the exciting and fruitful event that it is now. For years footwear was my solace. It was my happy place. Shoes can transform a very simple outfit into something spectacular. They can also switch up a very formal or dressy outfit into a casual look with the addition of your perfect pair of trainers. Just yesterday I put on my favourite pair of pink satin heels with a gold glitter lightning bolt on the sling back heel just to do my current daily commute between the sofa, fridge and bathroom for a few hours and I felt wonderful!

Feeling like you have nothing to wear is the worst for anyone's mood. Happy dressing comes with organisation. Make time to properly re-organise and re-edit your wardrobe. Take your lead from organising guru Marie Kondo, any pieces that genuinely don't bring you joy think about selling on Ebay, pass on to friends or donate to charity shops. For the things you love; fold and store in a way that makes it easier to see, even plan some new outfit combinations, that way you'll rediscover the clothes you have and are more likely to mix it up instead of sticking to the same few pieces on repeat. Of course you may have to wear a uniform for work or school but when you dress for yourself it should make you feel happy, confident and comfortable. Don’t be cautious about re-wearing the old pieces that you love - even if they’re not what's ‘on trend’ right that moment, if they bring you joy, for whatever reason, then you have a happiness outfit right there.

It’s so easy to fall into a wardrobe rut, but forcing yourself out of that will do wonders for your mindset. Maybe you never seem to have a spare minute, maybe you feel you have no reason to get dressed up, or simply have lost the joy - one thing the Covid Lockdown really taught me was that whilst not making an effort for a few weeks was kinda cool, the novelty soon wore off, and I didn’t feel great. Choosing one point in the week to put on a favourite outfit and do your hair and makeup can be transformative. Take the opportunity to try out new makeup looks and different outfit combinations. I made plans to hangout on FaceTime and Zoom with my friends that gave me a reason to get dressed up, but even if it's just you having fun by yourself at home will do you wonders.

Ultimately we should all always start with a heavy dose of self love and appreciation. So much of what we have been taught about style and what we should wear revolves around completely outdated ideas. Hemline too long you are boring, hemline to short you are promiscuous. Black makes you look smaller, White makes you look larger. Clothes should always flatter your figure. Dress for your shape! We are constantly encouraged to dress to minimise our size, our individuality, our personalities. But why?! Who says you don’t look amazing in that bright yellow power suit?! I love clothes and expressing myself through my personal style. The pavement is my runway! Forget everything negative you have been taught and wear whatever makes you feel confident and joyful whether that be a ball gown, a tracksuit or a super hero costume. You’ve totally, totally got this.

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