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There’s never been a better time to snuggle up, chill out and put your feet up with a film and your favourite treats. We caught up with Aleksandra of @OlkaFiolka who shared how she and her adorable family pull out all the stops for a movie night in. It’s all family PJs, a snuggle-worthy movie den and the most delicious treats!

“We LOVE pyjamas, and these family ones are even stylish enough for my son!”

We live in England, so we’re in the midst of a second lockdown, but one thing we really enjoyed the first time round was watching films together as a family. Our perfect movie night sees everyone relaxed after a long day at work and school, all in pyjamas, no work pressures, no school pressures, no kids arguing (hopefully!), it's such an easy way to create happy memories and it’s become a weekly night we all look forward to.

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“Squishy cushions, blankets and soft LED lights create a cosy oasis.”

I love to shut the world away and set up a cosy den in our front room. We layer super soft blankets on the floor with tons of fluffy cushions and LED lights to set the mood. The kids love it and even our dog can’t resist getting snuggled up with us. It’s so cosy, my husband always falls asleep within the first 15 minutes of a film which the kids and I find hilarious. Lily is the chatterbox who talks all the way through and Liam will Google the ending and give us a spoiler alert!

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“Matching with me AND our dog has made Lily’s year!”

My daughter Lily picked our film this time. She’s getting into the Christmas spirit early and chose the cartoon version of The Grinch. We love funny Christmas films any time of the year and Elf is probably our household favourite, with Home Alone coming a close second. I also love watching horror films with my husband, he’s so jumpy it makes me laugh so much, funnily enough he never falls asleep while watching scary movies!

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“Christmas themed mugs and bowls help to set the tone of our festive film night perfectly.”

Loads of popcorn and ice cream are the snacks of choice in our house. Lily and Liam also love crackers with marshmallows they can dip into hot cocoa. This week, we skipped the ice cream and I made my husband and myself coffee with a giant marshmallow instead. I was hoping the coffee might keep my husband awake for once!

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