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Everyone loves a birthday party! And even though this year might be a little different, we’re here with five great ways to make things feel special for the kids, even while we’re all spending time apart.

Technology is amazing and can bring us all closer together, so why not get your family and friends on a video call? You could ask your family and friends to hop on Zoom or House Party, and get the kids’ friends involved (with permission from their parents, of course!).

Create a playlist of all their favourite songs, from their favourite pop tunes to Disney songs and nursery rhymes.

For the big finale, get everyone to sing happy birthday while you bring out the cake and candles.

Ask everyone who you would have invited to a party to write messages instead. They can text or email you with happy memories, birthday wishes or ideas for activities. Print them out before the party and put them in a jar for the birthday boy or girl to read when they wake up in the morning.

Spending time together doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Grab some blankets, pillows and a little imagination to build a special birthday fort. Drape sheets between the sofas, or over chairs and tables then add a bit of birthday sparkle with balloons and banners inside.

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden or a little outdoor space, why not have a birthday picnic? You could make sandwiches and snacks to enjoy in the sunshine.

You can create a simple treasure hunt around the house when the birthday boy or girl wakes up in the morning, give them their first clue. This will lead them to clue after clue until they find the treasure, their birthday present!

Every kid wants their birthday to feel special, and Denise Van Outen’s daughter is no different. Denise has shared some of her fab ideas for how she’s going to celebrate Betsy’s birthday this weekend.

Make your own tent from bed sheets, and get all your friends on a video call to do the same. They can even invite their favourite teddy or toy to join in the party fun.

Ask all your friends to send birthday messages and pictures, so you can print them off and put them in a capsule for the birthday boy or girl to open when they wake up.

Make your own tent from bed sheets, and get all your friends on a video call to do the same. They can even invite their favourite teddy or toy to join in the party fun.

Test your knowledge by hosting a quiz from your living room. Have it just for fun, or get everyone to send you their answers so you can see who comes out on top.

Have a kids’ karaoke session and download all their favourite songs from the charts or films. Turn up the volume and let the kids do the rest!

Let the little ones give the adults in the house a makeover. They can dress you up in special outfits and go wild with your hair and make up before choosing the best dressed as their winner.

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If you have a birthday at home, don’t forget to take photos to capture all the special moments for years to come. And if you use any of our tips, share them on social media with #matalanready It’s sure to be a birthday to remember.

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